Welcome to EDO.
Irashai-mase -

Food is a window on a culture. Byenjoying inspiring and unique arrangements, tastes and textures that our guests experience, the culture and essence of Japan starts to unfold and becomes accessible and welcoming. 

At EDO, we are dedicated to preserving the Japanese culinary Washoku tradition  and blend with contemporary and uniqueJapanese approaches of western cooking called Seiyo-Ryori or Nikkei. Our mission is to meticulously source the  right ingredients, maintaining our traditional menu for now our third generation of regular guests, while crafting an ever-evolving menu that showcases the rich tapestry of Japanese flavours and influences for the adventurous and curious.  By combining authenticity with adventure, we create an authentic dining experience that offers a glimpse into the soul of Japanese cuisine. 

Dōzo O-Meshi-Agari-Kudasai! どぞお召し上がりください!