EDO's line of sauces and dressings has been a staple in our restaurants for more than 20 years. Our unique line of sauces are all made fresh with only the finest natural ingredients and without any preservatives. Along with a strong following in our restaurants, these bottled products have also been successful in a selection of hand-picked grocers.

Sauces & Dressings

EDO Ginger DressingTM Bottle (No Tax)  $8.00

EDO Teriyaki SauceTM Bottle (No Tax)  $8.00

Large EDO Dynamite Sauce (4oz)  $3.00

Side EDO Dynamite Sauce (2oz)  $2.00

Side EDO Ginger DressingTM (2oz)  $2.00  

Side EDO Teriyaki SauceTM (2oz).  $2.00

Side Unagi Sauce (2oz)  $2.50

Side Tempura Sauce (4oz)  $2.00

Side EDO Wasabi Mayo (2oz)  $2.00

Hon-Wasabi (Grated real Wasabi root)  $1.50


Dengaku Sauce

Baked or roasted vegetables, tofu, Black Cod

Dynamite Sauce

Barbeque meat, fries, onion rings, sushi, chicken wings, sandwiches, paninis

* EDO Teriyaki SauceTM

Poultry, seafood, meats, vegetables

* Bottled favourite